We combine our technological expertise to support clients to find innovative ways to conduct research. As a small company we have a culture that fosters innovative thinking and encourages new ideas. Our philosophy is guided by the recognition that we are a service business that does critical work for our clients.

Developing innovative solutions and technologies for detection of biomarkers is our core. We are in a position to drive technology with quick turnaround times within limited budgets in today’s times.

Case Study #1 :

User Requirements – to develop an assay for measurement of IgE in cell culture supernatant within a specific range of detection and required sensitivity.

Achieved – in a timeframe of 8 weeks and within budget as per client requirement.

Case Study #2 :

User Requirements – to measure enzyme reaction in blood serum without presence of a known calibrator.

Achieved – developed a linear series dilution method to measure the reaction calorimetrically. The data was then extrapolated and results obtained with a fiducial error limit of +/- 15%.